Too Cool For School is an artistic cosmetic brand focused on creative experimentation and contemporary culture. We believe in quality and uniqueness. Too Cool For School was conceived and designed in New York City. The artwork for the first artist collaborative

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL – HONG KONG – – 獲得 4.9 分,共有 12 則評論:「銅鑼灣希慎店的Christy 值得一讚 她很細心又為我介绍產品,講解用法 笑容親 」


TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL – HONG KONG – – Rated 4.9 based on 12 Reviews “銅鑼灣希慎店的Christy 值得一讚 她很細心又為我介绍產品,講解用法 笑容親” 銅鑼灣希慎店的Christy 值得一讚 她很細心又為我介绍產品,講解用法 笑容親切,令我對Too Cool For


KCON PARIS X Too Cool For School KCON是展現韓流的一切的音樂慶典,2012在LA首次舉辦,今年延伸至浪漫之都法國巴黎,由too cool for school贊助彩妝!喜愛韓國彩妝及流行音樂的你,是不是非常心動呢

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